Corporate Philosophy

What was your dream?
Inventor? Explorer? CEO of some sort?

Are you now the grown up you wished to be in your childhood?
Have you not abandoned your dream on the way under reality? restriction?
or what you call a common sense?

Recall back what you freely scribbled in your drawing sketchbook.
Recall back how you created your own secret base in middle of nowhere.
Recall all your pure fun activities and infinite inspirations…

Every single one of us was the one and only creator with
an unlimited freedom of expression.

Are you now forbidden to do all that?
No, we don't think so.

Everyone is still equally given that opportunity.
So why not take it?
The time is always now or never.
So why not give it a shot?

Do you have something fascinating to ''sell''?
Please do introduce us of your great invention,
as you would proudly do when showing your brand new toy…

Do you want to ''buy'' something fascinating?
Please do come and see our products,
as you would excitingly do when going out to your favorite shop…

Do you have something in mind to ''create''?
Please do let us hear of your thrilling idea,
as you would royally do when you speak of your secret base…

Let's earnestly play in solid purity.
Let's flash back to that day when all our dream and future were filled with the brightest possibility.
Together, let's ''sell'', ''buy'', and ''create''.

Company Profile

Company Name S Inc.

〈Head office〉
Takatori bldg. 5a, 3-17-7 Kaigan, Minato, Tokyo, 108-0022 Japan
TEL: +81 3 6453 9259   FAX: +81 3 6453 9269

〈Logistics Center〉
4-15-31 Kamimuneoka, Shiki, Saitama, 353-0001 Japan
TEL: +81 48 470 0204   FAX: +81 48 470 0205

Established November, 2006
CEO/President Koji Shikano
Business Planning, producing, importing/exporting, wholesale/ sales and marketing of household goods and other general goods


Main Clients

Major home shopping network

Major publishing company
Major baby goods retailers
Association membership Japan Inflatable Vinyl Products Manufacturers Association
Kawasaki Kita Corporate Association
The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry